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NYC Best Instagram Spots, Part II

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5 years ago New York

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Welcome back to the Best NYC Instagram Spots, Part II! We’re featuring a new round of  photo worthy locations including Central Park, Jane’s Carousel, and Washington Mews.

 Part I was posted a few weeks ago here.  Today, we’re adding a few more spots to our growing list of photo-worthy locations in NYC.  Please keep in mind that the photography tips are for those who don’t necessarily want crowds or people in the shot.  I’ve also listed styling suggestions at the end of each location.

Please enjoy and I hope to grow this list as I discover more places!


:: 5 Best Instagrammable Spots in NYC ::

Location | Central Park :: I posted this image on my Instagram @wendyslookbook a few days ago (seen here), and there were a lot of requests for this exact location.  It’s really hard to describe the exact streets through Central Park, but I’ll try my best… Enter on E 79th Street at 5th Ave, and walk along 79th St Transverse towards East Dr.  After you pass East Dr. this tree is literally a few steps ahead.  From what we saw when we were there, there were maybe two or three full bloomed cherry blossom trees in this area.  So you really can’t miss it!  It’s a huge beautiful vibrant pink tree in the middle of lush green grass.

Photography Tip :: To capture the grandness of this fairytale spot, use a wide angle lens.  We took this photo with our 35mm lens.  This area is very peaceful and super relaxing.  People are out laying on the grass, having a picnic, or just doing their own thing.  Enjoy and admire this amazing beauty before it goes away!

Location  |  Jane’s Carousel :: Jane’s Carousel is a much welcomed experience situated right across from the beautiful Manhattan skyline.  A vintage carousel built in 1922, it received its moniker after local Dumbo artist Jane Walentas spent two decades (two decades!) restoring the paint.  The carousel makes for a gorgeous backdrop in a photo, but I also highly recommend taking a spin on it!  It brings out the child inside all of us!

Photography Tip :: The carousel typically fills up quickly, so I suggest arriving as soon as the carousel opens.  The carousel is closed Mondays – Wednesdays (the horses need a few days to rest!), but is open Thursdays-Sundays.  You’ll need a wider lens to capture the grandness of the carousel!

Location  |  Commerce St & Barrow St :: Mina, Colin, and I always call this intersection “Cherry Street”, and by the name, this area is quite spectacular.  A lot of people take their engagement photos here and a lot of filming takes place in this area.  It’s one of the prettiest intersections in New York City.  A peaceful and serene corner tucked away within the West Village, “Cherry Street” is a striking area that has a touch of European flair.  Covered head to toe in snow during the winter to lined with blooming trees in the spring, this street corner is perfect in every season!

Photography Tip :: On this street corner, there are two identical brick houses situated right next to each other.  I like to stand diagonally from these buildings and in the street to capture the whole background.  There’s a little wooden gate against an aging concrete wall, sometimes a bicycle is left attached to the streetlamp, it all calls for a picture-perfect NYC moment!  Cars do run along both sides of this street, so please keep an eye out and be safe when taking photos!

Location  |  Washington Mews :: Colin and I were walking around Washington Square Park the other day, but the park was extremely crowded (I blame the 70 degree weather!) so we decided to take a different route back home.  As we rounded the corner, Colin suddenly pointed out this alleyway.  It looked like a little Barcelona in NYC!  I was blown away!  Bold colored walls, adorably paned windows, imperfect cobblestones… it felt like we were transported to another place.

Photography Tip :: This area is actually private property so at times is closed off to the public.  Colin and I actually shot here on a whim when we noticed that the gate was open.  When it is open… photographers, art and fashion students, film people all gather in this spot for photography and inspiration.  I highly recommend taking a stroll around Washington Square Park and walk by Washington Mews to see if the gate is open.  Good luck and enjoy!

Location  |  Stuyevesant St & 10th St :: This street corner is quintessential New York!  A movie magic view of a streetlamp against a colorful building with overgrown vines and trees… like a background of a romantic comedy with the heroine and her love interest taking an easy stroll on a lazy Saturday morning (You’ve Got Mail anyone?).

Photography Tip :: Cars are usually parked on both sides of Stuyevesant Street and 10th Street, but you can still get an image sans cars by taking the photo directly in front.  Again, I strongly recommend using a wide angle lens to capture the whole background. I haven’t visited this spot in the spring just yet, but in the fall, this location is just breathtaking in every way.  The vines and bushes are golden and the lighting is just beautiful here.  And just in case you need it, there’s a great coffee shop right up the street (Third Rail Coffee)!

I hope you enjoy this post!  Please feel free to bookmark this page if you’re planning to visit NYC/live in NYC/shoot at these locations/drop by these areas!  Part I includes Belvedere CastleBrooklyn Botanical GardensCasa MagazineSezane, and Roman & Williams Guild, and Part II is what we have today.  As always, thank you so much for reading!

Thank you so much for reading!
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