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A Day in Savannah

Fashion September 10

5 years ago Savannah, GA

With Wendy


Greetings from Savannah!  One of the oldest cities in the U.S., it’s full of southern charm mix with antebellum architecture.

We were in Savannah, Georgia, for only two days and it was not enough.  When you think about the South, Savannah is probably the lesser known city compare to Charleston.  After chatting with a few people here, I’ve heard that Savannah is the grittier but equally charming version of Charleston.  I haven’t been to Charleston so I can’t compare, but this city is full of mystery and magic.

Architectural treasures at every corner, Savannah is home to stunning ornamental ironwork and accents of the Victorian period.  We were walking through the Historic District, and couldn’t help but admire this stunning building.  The Alex Raskin Antiques shop is full of interesting furniture, books, mirrors, and so much more.  Wall to wall and from floor to ceiling only separated by narrow walkways, this shop is a walk through antique wonderland.

I packed my favorite floral maxi dress and summer bag for this trip.  During the day I paired it with gladiator sandals and changed to heels for cocktails and dinner.  I love that this dress works so well with flats and high heels.  It flutters and dances with each step!

Hope you had a great weekend and thank you so much for reading!

Hi and bye from Savannah, Georgia!
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