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Prime Day - Best of Amazon Fashion, Bags & Jewelry

Fashion June 21

2 years ago Central Park

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Summer wrapped in ruffles and floral. Plus a Prime Day guide with the best in fashion and home.

Let’s get straight to it!  Prime Day, what is it and how does it work?  Grab your coffee, tea or wine – we’re going on an adventure!  Below is a guide on everything you need to know and sharing the best prices (and I mean, great prices!) during this sales event.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Billed as an “event filled with more deals than Black Friday, exclusively for Prime members around the globe” – Amazon Prime Day is a marathon of deals that lasts 48 hours, scheduled for June 21-22.  This sales event covers all categories, including fashion, jewelry, home, electronics, and more.  The discounts are deep, so it’s the perfect time to shop for essentials and wishlist items.  I will be your guide on this, more to come below.

How to Access Prime Day Sales?

Amazon Prime Day is available to Prime Members only.  You can sign up for Amazon Prime at any time leading up to or even during the sale itself.  Amazon also offers a 30-day free trial, as well as a 6-month free trial for students, so you can experience Prime benefits before committing.  Once you’re signed up for Prime and signed into your account, the Amazon site and app will display Prime Day prices.

Best Prime Day Deals – Fashion & Jewelry

I’ve searched for the best fashion pieces and jewelry items on Amazon, and below are some of my favorites.  Almost all of them have hundreds to thousands of reviews at almost 5 stars!  I’m really focused on classic items that I think you will enjoy for a very long time.

Fashion & Jewelry Summary

90’s handbag styles are back!  And with full force.  I do enjoy this trend, but what I love more is the price.  I love that I can participate in this 90’s revival for $37!  The other clothing items are true classics – A sleek square neck dress perfect for day or night, classic Levi’s straight leg jeans and a super flattering crossover swimsuit.  I also love these statement pieces – Oversized puff sleeve blouse and paper bag pants (these pants have over 10,000 reviews!).

Best of Fashion, Under $49
Best of Shoes & Bags, Under $49

All of the jewelry items are highly highly rated with over thousands of reviews.  The croissant braided ring and minimalist statement ring are elegant and understated.  They look like treasures found in a vintage market!  And just a heads up, on June 22 6:00pm – 11:45 PM PST, diamond stud earrings are 40% off!

Best of Jewelry, Under $35

Best Prime Day Deals – Home & Devices

I’m always searching for better and smarter ways to keep my place clean and for high performing beauty devices.  Below are a few things I’m thinking of picking up during Prime Day.

Home & Devices Summary

Having kitties means a lot of shedding.  Two kitties have white fur and the third have dark brown fur, so fur tumbleweeds are collected on virtually all surfaces.  I’m so glad that this robot vacuum is part of Prime Day!

For styling tools, I’m thinking of picking up this T3 Interchangeable Curling Iron.  I love the idea of having options from structured curls to soft waves.  Now onto home essentials – pillow cases and bed sheets.  I have these silk pillowcases and love them!  They’re 100% natural mulberry silk, super soft, and under $25.  I’ve tried luxury silk pillowcases before, and to be honest with you, I can’t tell the difference between the $$$ ones and these pillowcases.  And last but not least, these Mellanni Bed Sheet Set.  With over 200,000 reviews – yes, that’s a lot of zeros – and under $40, they’re definitely worth a try! 

Best of Home & Devices

In addition to sharing the best of Prime Day, I hope you enjoy this outfit and styling as well.  This floral ruffle jumpsuit (under $38) is so pretty!  A charming summer piece, I love pairing it with beige details.  Both pouch bag and woven mules (they’re super comfortable!) are great designer-inspired pieces at best of budget prices.

I hope you’re enjoying the summer weather so far!  Happy shopping and thank you so much for reading!  And special thanks to Amazon Fashion for partnering on this post!


DRESS| Amazon floral ruffle jumpsuit (highly recommended, under $38)
BAG| Amazon soft pouch bag (under $40)
SHOES | Amazon mules (extremely comfortable, under $50)
ACCESSORIES | Amazon sunglasses (high quality, under $25)

Thank you so much for reading!
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Amazon Highly Recommended, Under $38
Amazon Super comfortable, under $50
Amazon Favorite, Under $40
Amazon High Quality, Under $25
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